Nathan Major is an English singer, songwriter, multi instrumentalist musician, record producer and arranger. He is an innovator who displays a deep intellectual depth in his lyrics and has a trademark guitar virtuosity.

Playing and writing songs from his early teens, Nathan became a leading light in the popular Oxfordshire band ‘Nation’, whose gigs were as disparate as the Oxford ‘Party In The Park’ to playing for the British troops in Bosnia. The band eventually went their separate ways when a record deal with EMI fell through at the eleventh hour and Nathan took time out to start a family and re-emerged, revitalised, to embark on a solo career.

Early solo singles achieved modest airplay on a number of internet radio sites and this increased significantly with his 1st solo album ‘Gasoline’. With this album mastered and distributed to the popular download sites including iTunes and Amazon, Nathan quickly gained sales and radio play.

Within a very short time of release a number of Nathan’s songs from ‘Gasoline’ generated some industry interest which saw an interview with the BBC and more play on local and National BBC radio including Whispering Bob Harris’s esteemed Sunday show on Radio 2.

In March and April 2012, Nathan’s ‘The Afterlife’ achieved’s ‘Top Play of the Week’ AND ‘Highest Track Rating’ at the same time with over 4,000 hits, considerably beating its nearest rival.

Nathan’s solo career has exploded into life in so many ways with a publishing deal with Leopard Music, increasing download sales and streaming in more than a dozen countries, extensive radio play, live gigs including a number of international, prestigious, private parties.

Nathan has written music for the feature film ‘St Petersburg’ which was premiered at the Berlin Film Festival in 2013. Talks are underway for more film projects and festival play.

An interview with the BBC Arts Editor, Will Gompertz is planned for Q3, 2014.

Nathan currently lives in Oxfordshire and is promoting his 3rd solo album ‘Don’t Believe The Hype’ which is now available to download.